Ladies Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Shape£10.00
Sides of Face£10.00


Ladies Upper Body Waxing

Full Arm inc Hands£20.00
Forearm inc Hands£15.00
Upper Arm£15.00
Hands and Fingers£8.00
Full Back£20.00
Small Of Back£12.00
Navel Line£7.00


Ladies Leg Waxing

Full Leg inc Feet£25.00
3/4 Leg inc Feet £22.00
Upper Leg£17.00
Lower Leg inc Feet£17.00
Back Of Thigh£12.00
Feet & Toes£8.00


Ladies Bikini Waxing

Basic Bikini

(All hair outside a bikini knicker in the crease of the leg is removed.)
High Bikini

(Both side panels of hair removed and tapered to the bottom. Top of pubic line is perfected. A high leg knicker could be worn without showing pubic hair.)

(A strip of hair remains from the pubic mound down over the labia. Everything else is removed including the bum cheeks and crack. A thong could be worn without revealing pubic hair)
Brazilian or Hollywood

(Everything off, including the bum cheeks and crack. You can choose to leave a strip on the pubic mound or not)

(Bum crack only)

(Bum cheeks only)

(Bum cheeks and crack)


Ladies Packages

Full Face£41.00
Full Face inc Nostrils£50.00
Eyebrows & Lip£14.00
Brow tint, Brow wax & Lip£23.00
Brow tint & wax£18.00
Brow Tint, Brow Wax & Lash Tint£28.00
1/2 Leg & Basic Bikini£29.00
1/2 Leg & High Bikini£33.00
1/2 Leg & G-string£38.00
1/2 Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood£42.00
Full leg & Basic Bikini£36.00
Full Leg & High Bikini£40.00
Full Leg & G-string£45.00
Full Leg & Brazilian/Hollywood£50.00

Men’s Facial Waxing

Eyebrow Shape£10.00
Brows, Nostrils & Ears£25.00


Men’s Upper Body Waxing

Full Arm inc Hands£25.00
Forearm inc Hands£18.00
Upper Arm£18.00
Hands and Fingers£8.00
Full Chest inc Stomach£25.00
Full Back inc Shoulders£25.00
Upper Back inc Shoulders£18.00
Small Of Back£15.00


Men’s Leg Waxing

Full Leg inc Feet£35.00
Upper Leg£25.00
Lower Leg inc Feet£25.00
Feet & Toes£8.00

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Essex, RM12 5ST

07478 121142


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